Anyone who creates long documents will find this add-in useful. No more combining or merging…. just clicks!
Susan Harkins, TechRepublic 

Just to say what a fabulous little gadget this is - love it!
- Sarah Horsman, UK."

An amazing and essential Add-in for Microsoft Word.
Lee Garber, on CNET 

The ability to have collapsible paragraphs is essential for educators, proposal writers, and everyone else I can think of...Thanks. Really.  I needed this. 
- Jeanne Hubbard 

Whoa - this is a nice plugin!
- David Bullock 

Simply great!
- Tawanda Zidenga

It is very very useful...
- Junaid S Rabbi

More does a brilliant job of protecting us from complexity.
- Simon Lewis, Sinch

Life is complex, but our documents shouldn't be. This is a case where More is more.
- Peter Evans, lecturer

More useful than my car keys!
- Barrister

Collapsible documents have many uses. An excellent idea! It's a great way to present and organise information electronically.
- Gerard Prokop, Unilex

God dammit, now I have a reason to upgrade from word2000!!!!!! 
- John Tolhurst 

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More Add-in makes it easy to add expandable segments to Microsoft Word documents. 

Just select any part of a Word document, and with one click, add a button to the page allowing the reader to expand or collapse that part. 

So obvious... so easy... this is the hide/show ability that Word has been missing!



Introducing... collapsibles for Word

A "collapsible" is a part of a document which can be hidden or shown with the click of a button.  For example, click on the "More..." link:


Collapsibles are common on web pages.  Now, with the More Word add-in, you can add them to Word documents too - and far more easily!